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Work with people who love what they do.
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About Us
For us, providing you with advice about Legal and Tax issues in Greece with complicated legal and tax system, unfamiliar to you, is  more than a service .. it's about helping you defend the rights of your parents and grandparents and get closer to where everything  started. In fact, more people come to LAW-TAX IN GREECE CONSULTING for our personal approach than any other firm.  


We are the firm of choice for clients who value high-quality services and expertise on Legal and Tax matters in Greece, including inheritance (probation of wills, acceptance of inheritance), real estate, property transactions, property management, litigation, taxation, Greek citizenship, power of attorney (POA). We are “client-centric” and growth-oriented. Our team delivers “best in class” advice and solutions. Our business is fun and energized by what we do -we are a “best place to work” both in the U.S. and in Greece.


 Providing the high quality of service expected from top Athens law firms, while remaining in the Bay Area, LAW-TAX IN GREECE  CONSULTING is an entrepreneurial and dynamic California firm composed of professionals who strive to give clients the best appellate representation on Legal and Tax matters in Greece. 
We function as a team. We support, trust, and respect each other -- both personally and professionally. We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our dealings with our clients. Our clients’ interests are paramount. They are, YOU ARE the reason we exist as a firm, and within the bounds of professional ethics, we pursue their-YOUR interests relentlessly. 

  Our Guiding Principles

At LAW-TAX IN GREECE CONSULTING, we are guided by a set of principles that have shaped all aspects of our business, particularly the way we have built our client relationships and the Legal and Tax strategies we recommend. We've learned through years of experience that it's a tried and true way of helping YOU succeed.

  We believe in:

  • Clients Come First
  • Everything We Do Counts
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Be Positive 
  • Truth