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  October, 2013

oNew Property Tax on Parcels – Final Draft 

Since January 2014, the taxation on parcels located out of city plan will take place based on seven special rates, according to the final draft the Ministry of Finance has issued.

The standard rate of taxation for the parcels will come up to 1.5 euro per acre (basic tax rate) and is expected to be increased or decreased depending on the position of the plot, its extent, its use, its distance from the sea, the impairment of its surface rate, and other factors according to the plan of the Ministry of Finance. 

For land outside city or village plan the single tax arises from the Basic tax rate set at 0.15 cents per square meter (1.5 euro per acre) in conjunction, where necessary, with additional credits as follows: the position of the land, the use of the land depending, the distance of the land from the sea.

The tax will be divided between the co-owners of any property, according to their rights in rem (=on the property). Each taxpayer will receive a single notice about the tax for each property he/ she possesses. 

The tax will be imposed in a uniform manner on any king of real estate, such as buildings and land, regardless of the legal status of the owner (individual or legal entity). 

The plan for the single Property Tax is expected to enter into consultation and will be voted by the Parliament, after being approved by the Troika in the new evaluation of the Greek programme. 

oCirculation Tax for 2014 
Since mid – October, car owners will be able to print the notices for Circulation Tax for 2014 from the website of the General Secretariat of Information Systems (www.gsis.gr ), in order to pay for it at banks and the Post Office. 
The above amount will probably contain also the Luxury Tax for 2013.

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