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                                                                                                                 February, 2014

oGenerous reductions in rents of residents and commercial properties

         During the last two years, nine out of ten property owners (of residential and business premises) have agreed to serious reductions of their rent.

        Indeed, this reduction can not be regarded as negligible as the owners of apartments have proceeded to reductions of an average of 27.2%, while owners of commercial property, such as offices and stores, have reduced their requirements by 32.2 % on average.

       The above come out of a market research conducted by “Kapa Research” and presented on 01.26.2014, at the recent conference of the Hellenic Property Federation (POMIDA), indicating the size of the market adjustment to the new economic crisis.

oNew clarifications for taxpayers earning income abroad

        According to the new decision of the Ministry of Finance POL nr. 1026/22.01.2014, every taxpayer who has a tax residence in Greece and acquires during the tax year income abroad, for which he has been taxed abroad, must submit together with the income tax return the following documents, in order to qualify for income tax reduction, as per article 9 par. 1 of Law 4172/2013 (Income Tax Code):

     a)For countries by which Greece has signed a Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation, a certificate of the competent tax authority, certifying the amount of the tax paid abroad, and
   b)For countries by which Greece has not signed a Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation, a certificate of the competent tax authority or an Auditor,
     c)In case of tax withholding by a legal or natural person, a certificate by the said person is required, certified by the competent tax authority or an Auditor. This certification is not required when the tax withholding takes place by a public entity, an insurance body or a financial institution.
     d)The said certificate of the competent tax authority should be submitted in original together with an official translation in the Greek language and should bear the Apostille of the Hague Convention (Law 1497/1984 - Government Gazette A188/27-11-1984), for countries that have acceded to the Hague Convention. For countries that have not acceded to this Convention, the above mentioned certificate should be certified by the Consulate. 

oEvents and suggestions 

      The exhibition “Brides: Tradition and Fashion in Greece” will be presented by the Benaki Museum till April 6th, 2014. 
      Commencing with local traditional Greek dress in the 19th century and going on to European fashion, “Brides” is an exhibition that includes wedding dresses from the end of the 19th century to the dawn of the 21st, and intends to showcase the variety of shapes and decorative motifs in bridal wear of that period, and through this variety, the particular social and experiential function of the wedding dress. From elegant and ornate wedding dresses at the close of the 19th century to the avant-garde creations of modern designers and eccentric appearances of brides in the 21st century, the creation of wedding apparel goes hand-in-hand with fashion trends in a very particular way, oftentimes drawing its inspiration from the shapes of the past or forecasting future fashion trends. (Benaki Museum, 138, Pireos & Andronikou strs., tel. +30   210 345 3111).

       The photography exhibition “Ioannina 1913 – 2013 – A historic walk through the city” is presented till July, 2014 by the Rizarios Foundation – Exhibition Centre of Monodendri, Ioannina.
      Works by important artists who roamed the streets and alleys of Ioannina, were inspired and gave us many photographs around the nature and the urban environment, the manners and customs, faces and costumes, sketching the profile of the city in the last century are presented at the renovated “Archontiko Pantazi” (Pantazi’s Mansion), which was built around 1900 and is one of the finest examples of the architecture of Zagoria (Rizarios Foundation – Exhibition Centre of Monodendri, Ioannina, Monodendri, Ioannina, tel. +30 26530 71573, email:exib@rizarios.gr). 

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