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       March - April, 2014

   oCommercial Leases: new legislation

        The article 13 of the new law 4242/2014 (published in Government Gazette nr. 50Α΄/28.02.2014) introduces the following changes in commercial leases:

oThe duration of the new leases will be freely agreed by the parties, however, if the contract duration is less than three (3) years or if the lease is agreed for an indefinite time, then duration of at least three (3) years applies.

oThe termination of the leases shall be in writing and the legal effects shall occur three (3) months from the notification.

oThe lessee’s right to terminate prematurely the lease is abolished hereinafter.  

oThe lessor’s right to terminate prematurely the lease on grounds of personal occupation or reconstruction is abolished hereinafter.

oThe obligation of the lessor to compensate the lessee at the termination of the contractual lease for intangible commercial value is also abolished hereinafter.

oLeases within the scope of the hitherto existing Presidential Decree 34/1995, which are entered into, extended or renewed, expressly or impliedly, prior to 02.28.2014, including the leases that their twelve year duration has expired and less than nine (9) months have elapsed from the expiry date, are subject to the provisions of this Decree, as applies.

  oNew Certificate of fulfillment of tax obligations according to Uniform Property Tax Law

Since January 1st, 2014 onwards, a new obligation of tax payers ie.  individuals and legal entities, has been established. 
In particular, the reference to and attachment of a certificate in accordance with the provisions of article 54A of Law 4174/2013 proving the fulfillment of tax liabilities arising from property and property rights for the five (5) previous years is required, in all the cases referred to in Article 54A of Law 4174/2013, ie. in the case of any promissory or disposition transaction by which rights on property arising by any cause are established, altered, or transferred or any right for mortgage on it is provided.

  oEvents and suggestions 

      The Melina Mercouri Foundation pays tribute to Melina Merkouri by presenting a special album edition entitled "Melina”. 
Following the release of this album, the Foundation in collaboration with the Benaki Museum present till May 25th, 2014 the photographic exhibition “Melina Mercouri Street”, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Melina Mercouri’s passing. 
Both the photography exhibition and edition highlight her radiant personality and the international caliber of her work. They trace her trajectory through cinema, theater and politics, her personal moments. They reveal the passion with which she strived for cultural issues and Greece, and her unique charisma for inspiring and drawing support for her visions (Benaki Museum, Pireos str. Annexe, 138, Pireos & Andronikou strs., tel. +30   210 345 3111).

Open House Athens In 2014 Athens joins the Open House family which will organise an event that will celebrate the city’s architecture and design. Open House Athens aspires to expose the architectural treasures of this dynamic city, and make architecture accessible to all.
     Its aim is to contribute to the deeper understanding of urban design and public space, and enable all citizens and visitors to explore and understand the value of a well-designed built environment.   
       (See program at http://www.openhouseathens.gr/en/program/2014/).

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